This is our cult classic and the addiction begins the minute it hits your lips. Like a super-boosted lemonade with a hint of spice this blend never fails to rejuvenate the spirit. Sunshine Daydream is the perfect energizing, immune-boosting, alkalizing and anti-inflammatory elixir. Highly recommended first thing in the morning and appreciated by children of all ages.



Apples not only enhance the taste of our juices, but they are rich in minerals and phytochemicals.


Although acidic in its natural state, the juice from lemons become quite alkaline once digestion occurs. This citrus fruits contain a high amount of vitamin C, which is responsible for countless reactions at the cellular level. Vitamin C is also an immune booster and assists in metabolism.


Ginger has an array of health benefits. It has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries to treat complications from nausea to arthritis.


High Pressure Processed (HPP). Cold-Pressed. Perishable. Keep Frozen. Shake Well. Separation Normal. 10 oz bottle.

Allergen Notice

MAY CONTAIN: This product is produced in a facility that also processes tree nuts.