Lancaster Central Market

We are humbled and feel very privileged to belong to the Lancaster Central Market Family. Being the oldest farmers market in the United States, Central Market has been loyally serving locals as well as visitors since the 1730s.  The historic brick building was constructed in 1889, which adds to the unique ambiance of the experience.

A wide variety of fresh produce, prepared goods, crafts, and cuisine (ranging from international to traditional Amish), is all offered under one roof. For example, The Stoner Family Vegetable stand has been proudly supplying fresh produce for over 100 years. We aim to continue the tradition of Central Market, providing the best cold-pressed organic juice Lancaster County has to offer. We proudly use produce from other stand holders to make our juices, supporting local friends, farmers, and business owners. The perseverance and hard work of the local farmers combined with some of the best agricultural soil in the world is what makes our juice so unique, nutritious, and delicious. Having the rare opportunity to interact with our customers in such a culturally rich environment is also something that we cherish. It has been an ideal way to form lasting relationships with local residents who regularly come to market, as well as tourists, many being international, and get the opportunity to get to hear a little bit of everyone's story.