Q: why drink juice?

juice is a delicious, nourishing and convenient way to ensure that you are consuming the recommended daily serving of fruits and veggies, particularly if someone in your family is unsure about vegetables on their plate. we are always inspired to find the perfect balance between taste and nutrition, making our juices refreshing and revitalizing. I think we need something else here, something ebullient

Q: why we make juice?

to make the world better from the inside out, from the ground up


Q: what is in your juice?

great question, everyone asks this. Our juices contain ONLY ORGANIC FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. there is NO water added. there are NO 'natural flavors,' additives, powders, or preserving agents. no gimmicks, only juice.


Q: why organic?

we believe in paying a premium for organic produce. this allows farmers to take their time to cultivate the soil, and be particularly attentive to the growing process, which creates the most delicious and nutritious produce possible. Some quick facts about organic produce:

Q: do you use local produce?

yes, local is always best. we cherish the friendship we form with our farmers. it is only by knowing your farmer that to you begin to understand and appreciate the effort it takes to produce high quality fruits and vegetables organically. furthermore, by buying local produce, it takes less time to get from the field into your body, maximizing the nutrient intake. obviously, there are constraints that are difficult to overcome (like growing lemons in the snow) so we do buy non-local produce, but we do our best to support local, because we are local.


 Q: How much produce is in a 10 oz. bottle?

we’ve managed to get upwards of 1 pound of produce in each bottle, which is equivalent to 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables!

Q: why lancaster county?

The Lancaster Farm Trust put it best:

"The farmlands of Pennsylvania Dutch Country boast some of the richest, most productive, non-irrigated agricultural soils in the world. Lancaster County’s farmland and the industry it supports provide more than 51,000 jobs and contribute more than $4 billion to our local economy each year.

Lancaster County’s nearly 6,000 farms provide fresh, local food for local residents and people across the state and the United States; they also protect watersheds; recharge groundwater, help control flooding, improve air quality, and provide food and cover for wildlife. The average Lancaster County farm is about 78 acres, and the county ranks fourth in the country in the number of farms.

The area’s farmland is responsible for the exceptional quality of life. Agriculture as a way of life is part of our cultural heritage and an irreplaceable natural resource that defines Lancaster County as a unique and special place."

~ The Lancaster Farm Trust

Q: who are your farmers and suppliers ?

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative:

"Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative is a non-profit organic farmer’s cooperative of over 100 family farmers headquartered in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We focus on creating healthy high quality foods from our highly maintained and enriched soils on our small-scale family farms."


Oasis at Bird in Hand:

"Our goal is to provide you with the healthiest, most delicious food possible all the while helping to build a strong and sustainable network of farms. Oasis farmers are intent on building up the nutrient content of their crops by testing the soil and testing the plants as they grow, and then feeding them what they need to result in the most tasty and nutritious food you could possibly buy. They are concerned about the health of the land and the people it feeds and they are committed to growing and sharing their good food with you."


Q: why cold pressed?

cold press machines are the most gentle on produce, and therefore also gentle on the cellular structure of the juice. This gentleness preserves the taste and nutrients for substantially longer than other types of juicers. juicers that are not gentle on produce will degrade the cellular structure of juice, leading to oxidation, which translates to the rapid loss of both flavor and nutrients.

Q: are your juices raw?

We provide raw juice within Lancaster County at Central Market, at Prince Street Cafe, and for events we cater specially. Our locally raw product allows us to be creative and flexible with our hand-crafted recipes, always incorporating freshly harvested produce and herbs from within Lancaster County into unique juice blends. The shelf-life of these raw juices are 3-4 days. KEEP THEM REFRIGERATED and drink them quickly.

All the juices available online (where you are shopping right now) or those at cafes, and grocery stores are high-pressure processed, known as HPP.


Q: what is HPP?

this is a form pathogen inactivation (you are familiar with other types like thermal pasteurization) of treating the juice with cold water at high pressures to eliminate bacteria, yeasts, or molds that may naturally form in raw juices after the 3-4 day shelf life. Since this process is NOT thermally based, the nutrients in the juice are not destroyed, like they are in regular pasteurization. In fact, the nutrient retention of juice after HPP is higher than for fresh raw juice. The shelf life of a juice that has been high-pressured processed depends on the recipe; more green juices are good for around 30 days, more citrus based juices are good for closer to 60 days. KEEP THEM REFRIGERATED.


Q: do you recommend cleanses?

doing a 3-7 day cleanse is not an endeavor to be taken lightly, however the results can be well worth the effort. whether you are interested in the anti-aging benefits, the regeneration of stem cells in the immune system, or are trying abstain from unhealthy eating habits, fasting can be a profoundly effective means for accomplishing these goals. for this reason, we offer a low glycemic package, which is the most effective way to cleanse your body while remaining balanced and full of vitality.

our philosophy is that consuming a juice or two a day is a much more appealing, balanced, and enjoyable way to achieve some of these same results. one of our ten ounce juices contains just over 1 pound of produce. if you practiced that for a month you would consume over 30 pounds of produce. the ultimate goal is to transition into a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that makes drastic practices like cleanses obsolete.

Q: what is your subscription service?

whether you are changing bad habits and committing to a healthy lifestyle, are a high-performance athlete, or just can't imagine your life without juice, this is for you. choose between one of our packages, and we will automatically send you juice on a monthly basis. consuming 30 pounds of produce a month has been proven to enhance cognitive function, increase physical performance, and a fortify your immune system.

Q: do your juices need to be refrigerated?

all of our juices (both raw and hpp) are highly perishable and must be refrigerated at all times.