behind the bar

Our business is clearly & primarily focused on health and well-being in coordination with detoxifying our bodies. however, we do understand that sometimes it may be the healthier route for us to just take the edge off after a long day, give the senses a rest, and slow things down with a cold cocktail at the bar with some friends. To us that's also very healthy, and as Aristotle and Ben Franklin had it, "All things in moderation." So if you're going to have a cocktail or two, why not do it with us - in the most sophisticated and intelligent way possible - cold-pressed. There is no better mixer in the world! Raw and refreshing. No artificial sugars, no preservatives - just the raw sweetness and incredibly refreshing flavor of premium organic fruits and vegetables - blended to perfection. It's the natural evolution of drinking. Refreshing yet relaxing. Yin and yang.

- ríjuice


If you'd like to inquire about our signature cold-pressed cocktail mixers for whatever the occasion please feel free to contact us at 717.305.0742 or e-mail  We'll make it happen.